Impaired, Distracted Driving Main Causes of I-10 Accidents

IMPAIRED, DISTRACTED DRIVING MAIN CAUSES OF I-10 ACCIDENTS Impaired driving and distracted driving are two of the main causes of accidents on the I-10 roadway. We expect other drivers to follow traffic laws and drive safely. When they don’t, they can unintentionally injure someone seriously, or worse, fatally. EFFECTS OF IMPAIRED DRIVING According to a […]

A Case of Medical Malpractice

A Case of Medical Malpractice Sometimes when someone is significantly injured in an accident, the insurance company may send that person to their favorite doctor-for-hire for a defense medical exam. If the insurance company’s doctor-for-hire issues a medical report denying or greatly minimizing the accident related injury and causes the person’s injury to worsen, he/she […]

What do personal injury lawyers do?

What do personal injury lawyers do? What do personal injury lawyers do? Experienced personal injury lawyers try on a daily basis to make a wrong right. Unfortunately, people commit intentional torts, which is engaging in malicious actions with the intent to cause harm. Even more often, people are negligent, and simply fail to uphold the standard […]

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