What is the cause of most boating accidents?

What is the cause of most boating accidents? The most impactful boating accidents, the ones most likely to result in injury or death, are capsizing, swamping, and falling overboard.

A lot of times, these boating accidents are caused by alcohol. Just like drinking and driving, drinking and boating can be dangerous. It can result in impaired vision, slowed reaction time, and inability to make fully informed decisions. In addition, it can cause general mental impairment.

In South Louisiana, enforcement officials carry breathalyzers. It is a very serious problem and if a wildlife official or policemen see a boat with empty bottles of beer. Therefore, it is likely that the officer will have a breathalyzer and will perform a field sobriety test. It’s very serious. It’s just like driving a car.

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But like other accidents, many boating accidents are often simply caused by the operator not paying attention. For example, if you’re pulling a skier, you want a spotter. A spotter is one dedicated person to watch the skier and nothing else. This lets the operator of the boat operate the boat. Furthermore, it lets the spotter keep his eye on the skier or whoever you’re pulling behind the boat.

The operator of the boat must pay attention at all times. Because being distracted by someone at the end of the boat is incredibly dangerous. It’s no different than driving a car.

How do I protect myself from boating accidents?

First, you have to be careful. You have to know where you’re going, and you have to be focused on what you’re doing. Capsizing, swamping, and even falling overboard can sometimes be attributed to careless boat operation.

As a result, neglectful behavior on the part of the boat operator can have very real consequences for their passengers and can result in serious legal action.

So if you have any questions, give me a call.

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