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When a dangerous product causes a serious injury, what can you do? Call a products liability attorney — a lawyer who knows how to hold the manufacturer accountable for a dangerous product.

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Every year, thousands of consumers sustain serious injuries from defective products. If that has happened to you or a member of your family, call the Joseph Joy & Associates law firm in Lafayette, Louisiana.

  • When safety is ignored, consumers get hurt. Sometimes a manufacturer may not take the extra steps needed to ensure that a product is safe. At other times, the big corporation will decide that paying off a few injured people is cheaper than changing their product or taking it off the market. In both circumstances, they show a lack of concern about people who buy and use their products.
  • At our law firm, we investigate and build strong cases. Our lead attorney, Joseph “Buzzy” Joy, has a network of experts and the resources to build a case against large corporations that have endangered the health and lives of consumers. He is known for effective trial skills that help a jury understand what has happened and how a victim has been harmed. Lawsuits help the victims and also help promote auto safety, household product safety and workplace safety.
  • When their products harm people, companies should “hurt.” Our objective in a products liability lawsuit is to hold the manufacturer accountable — to make them pay financially for the physical and psychological pain they have caused. We have represented clients harmed by a number of dangerous and defective products:
    • Household products
    • Exposure to toxic and other dangerous substances (asbestos, chemicals, hazardous waste)
    • Medical products and devices
    • Pesticides
    • Pharmaceutical drugs (dangerous prescription medications)
    • Defective cars and auto parts (SUV rollovers, crashworthiness, bad tires, defective seat belts)

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