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Landing a helicopter on an offshore oil rig in heavy weather is a challenge for even the most experienced pilots. Helicopter and airplane accident claims require an experienced Lafayette Louisiana Helicopter Airplane Accident Attorney who understands the risks oil and gas workers face as they are transported to and from work sites.

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At the Joseph Joy & Associates law firm in Lafayette, Louisiana, our lead Lafayette Louisiana Helicopter Airplane Accident Attorney has worked on oil rigs and knows the risks of maritime jobs. Transferring crews and supplies offshore can be dangerous. A helicopter lost tail rotor control and crash landed at an airport. The FAA had sent out warnings about the tail rotor spider bearing and the manufacturer knew of the danger. Both the helicopter operator and the manufacturer settled. Our law firm represented a passenger in the crash.

  • Improper maintenance and defective equipment can cause accidents. We have investigated accidents and represented victims in accidents caused by engine failure, component failure, rotor failure and improper maintenance (failing to take appropriate maintenance actions or failing to perform maintenance on schedule).
  • Pilot error and bad judgment can cause a helicopter accident. Did the pilot make the right decisions under the circumstances? Did the operator and pilot decide to fly despite weather warnings? Did the operator ensure that the pilot had proper certification?
  • We begin with a thorough investigation. Assessing a helicopter crash or plane crash involves a wide range of details and possible problems. We hire experts who know the field well and can help find answers to benefit your case. Why did this accident happen?
  • Our law firm represents the victims and their families. If a loved one was killed or injured in a helicopter crash or airplane crash, you can put your confidence in our law firm and our extensive experience. We know this is a difficult time for you and your family. Let us take the worry of dealing with a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit.

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