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When Joseph “Buzzy” Joy was in high school and college, his summer jobs were in the maritime oil industry. That experience has served his clients well for the past 30 years. If you have suffered an injury in a maritime accident, you can count on the Joseph Joy & Associates in Lafayette, Louisiana.

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The Jones Act was written to protect people who do maritime work. The work can be dangerous, and the workplace is far from hospitals and emergency help. The Jones Act holds companies accountable for providing a safe work environment. At our personal injury law firm, we fully understand your rights, and we will ensure that those rights are met. In a precedent-setting case, personal injury attorney Joseph “Buzzy” Joy represented a seaman who had suffered back injuries. The worker had been told to lift a 135-pound object. Our expert, a biomedical engineer, proved the weight was too heavy to lift without assistance. The employer was negligent for providing an unsafe workplace.

Our law firm represents seamen and offshore workers who have been injured because of the negligence of employers.

  • Helicopter and airplane accidents: Transfers to and from drilling rigs can be hazardous. If a loved one has been injured or killed in a crash, contact a personal injury lawyer.
  • Vessel and boat accidents: Talk to an experienced attorney about injuries that happened on tugboats, crew boats, barges, lift boats, offshore oil rigs, fishing boats and other vessels.
  • Commercial diving accidents: When proper equipment and safety protocols fail, the injuries can be serious.
  • Burns, spinal cord injuries and brain injuries: An oil rig explosion, a fall on an oil-slick surface or a dropped personnel basket can cause serious injuries that require long-term medical treatment.

Did the company doctor examine you and say you were not injured? That doctor is paid by people who are not concerned about your well-being. A negligent medical examination is medical malpractice. We can help. Call or email us today and tell us about your maritime accident. You can be assured that we are on your side.

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