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Mistakes happen in the health care industry — more than they would like to admit. When those mistakes cause life-changing injuries or death, the doctors, hospitals and others responsible should be held accountable. If you or a loved one was grievously harmed by medical malpractice, call the Joseph Joy & Associates law firm in Lafayette, Louisiana.

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Doctors and other health care providers are expected to meet accepted standards of care. Failure to do that can cause lasting damage. When a doctor performs an independent medical examination (IME) for an insurance company or a big corporation, what is the doctor’s responsibility to the patient? In a federal lawsuit, attorney Joseph “Buzzy” Joy successfully argued that the IME doctor had a doctor-patient relationship with the injured worker and can be sued if a delay in surgery or treatment caused additional injury. The jury awarded our client more than $1 million.

  • Did a doctor-for-hire cause additional injury? If you were examined by the company doctor or an insurance doctor and told you were not injured, you have rights. If you went back to work and suffered further injury because of that doctor’s failure to diagnose your problem, talk to a medical malpractice attorney who holds doctors-for-hire accountable for what they tell patients.
  • Was a loved one injured because of nursing home abuse or negligence?Because of short staffing and other attempts to save money, nursing homes sometimes make mistakes that cause injury or death. Call our law firm if a loved one has not received timely health care, has bed sores or unexplained broken bones, was given the wrong medication or the wrong dosage, or was left unsupervised.
  • When a medical mistake causes serious injury, contact a lawyer. At our law firm, we aggressively investigate and pursue claims for catastrophic injuries and death caused by:
    • Birth trauma
    • Failure to diagnose cancer and other diseases
    • Inappropriate or negligently performed surgery
    • Amputation errors
    • Anesthesia errors
    • Disfigurement
    • Inappropriate or dangerous treatment practices
    • Pharmaceutical injuries and prescription drug errors

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