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When someone calls Joseph Joy & Associates in Lafayette, Louisiana, to tell us about a motorcycle accident, we know what we will probably find out in our investigation: The motorcycle driver was not at fault.

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Other drivers often don’t see motorcycles, sometimes because it’s dark, foggy or rainy. At other times, a motorcycle accident happens just because the other driver was not paying attention. The person who suffers the most is almost always the motorcyclist.

It was the kind of tragedy that happens when other drivers don’t see motorcycles. A car driver passed a school bus and hit a motorcycle head on. The motorcyclist is now a quadriplegic. Joseph Joy & Associates represented the victim.

  • Accident investigation is critical in a motorcycle accident. Our attorneyshave experts available who can reconstruct motorcycle accidents and determine what happened and who (or what) was at fault. In many cases, it’s a car or truck driver who did not see the motorcycle.
  • Did a defective design contribute to the accident? A defective gas tank design caused a motorcycle accident to be an even greater tragedy by making the injuries worse. Our law firm sued the manufacturer and gained compensation for the motorcyclist.
  • The injured victim’s health is important. Your first concern if a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident should be immediate and appropriate medical treatment. If you need help in obtaining treatment, let us know. Motorcycle accident injuries can be especially catastrophic, resulting in multiple broken bones, internal bleeding, burns, spinal cord injuries or brain injuries. We also represent families in cases of wrongful death. Call a lawyer who has experience with motorcycle accidents and serious injuries.

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