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For pharmaceutical companies, it’s all about money and profits — not the well-being of people who take the drugs prescribed by their doctors. When a prescription drug causes serious injuries or wrongful death because of side effects the drug company knew about or should have known about, call the Joseph Joy & Associates law firm in Lafayette, Louisiana.

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There is a lot of money to be made in prescription drugs. The faster a pharmaceutical company can bring a drug to market, the sooner the company can begin to make money. At our law firm, we represent people who have been harmed by dangerous prescription drugs.

  • In the race to market, pharmaceutical companies ignore important information. Sometimes they simply do not mention negative studies and only tell doctors about the positive studies. By improperly recording bad results, pharmaceutical companies are, in effect, “cooking the books” — lying about bad side effects. The people who get hurt are patients who take the drugs.
  • Drugs approved for one use are marketed for another use. Often without any rigorous testing, a pharmaceutical company will recommend a drug for “off-label” use. A drug approved for adults will be marketed for children, for example. Or a drug approved for one diagnosis will be marketed for another diagnosis.
  • Many drugs have been the subject of lawsuits. If you or a loved one has been harmed by taking these or other prescription drugs, call a lawyer who will be on your side — not on the side of big drug companies:
    • Zyprexa (bipolar, schizophrenia treatment)
    • Serzone (antidepressant)
    • Rezulin (diabetes drug)
    • Accutane (acne treatment)
    • Baycol (cholesterol)
    • Celebrex (arthritis)
    • Propulsid (heartburn)
    • Thimerosal (flu vaccine)
    • Crestor (cholesterol)
    • Lipitor (cholesterol)
    • Fen Phen (diet drug)
    • Paxil (antidepressant)

Call or email us today and tell us about a loved one’s prescription drug reaction. You can be assured that we are on your side.

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