In Louisiana Car Wrecks

You have been in a serious car accident and you are injured because of the other driver’s negligence.

What should you do?

Obviously, think of your safety, the safety of your passengers and those in the other vehicle. Call 911 and ask for an ambulance immediately. In those immediate moments after an accident, everyone’s health and safety is the utmost priority. Head to the emergency room and obtain care for the personal injuries you sustained in the vehicular accident. The police and authorities will conduct their own investigation and compile a police report, which we will obtain.

You will likely have notified next of kin or close family members. This is a very stressful time and many questions and concerns arise:  Who will pay for your injuries? Who was at fault? Who will repair your vehicle? Does the other driver have insurance? What exactly happened?  The list of questions goes on and on.

Because of the stress that you and your loved ones are experiencing shortly after a car accident with injury, you should immediately call the law firm of Joseph Joy and Associates.

With over 40 years of experience practicing law, Attorney Joseph Joy has seen it all. “Time is never on the side of the injured victim. The insurance companies have policies in place to minimize their exposure,” he said.

“Call my office immediately and depending on the nature of the accident and the personal injuries that you have sustained, I will begin a thorough investigation.  Let us call your insurance company on your behalf,” said Attorney Joseph Joy.

It is an uphill battle from the start and personal injury plaintiffs need an experienced attorney like Joseph Joy on their side. Sometimes the circumstances of the accident will require engaging an accident reconstruction expert who will go to the scene of the accident to do a thorough evaluation of what happened, based on tried-and-true formulas that are industry standard.

An accident reconstruction expert may go to the scene and measure skid marks, distances, obstacles to determine what happened. Their accuracy is amazing. Based on their calculations, they can draw qualified conclusions about how fast the vehicles were traveling at the time of impact. This is extremely useful information when two parties are accusing each other of fault in a personal injury lawsuit. There is a lot at stake.

The qualified experts that we rely upon at Joseph Joy and Associates are experienced in collecting the data that is needed to prove their conclusions, even if it means recreating the scene. Very often, accident reconstruction experts will use software programs to simulate the accident to prove their conclusions.

Once the lawsuit advances to the trial stage, Joseph Joy and Associates are experienced trial attorneys who can present their expert’s conclusions in court, based on their substantial expertise.

Our expert’s opinion carries a lot of weight in personal injury lawsuits, said Attorney Joseph Joy. “Often, our expert’s opinion is so strong, the case settles without having to go to trial. It is important for an accident reconstruction expert to be on the scene as soon as possible, hopefully within days, to take photos of the accident scene, the vehicles, and to take photographs and measurements of skid and yaw marks,” said Attorney Joseph Joy.

The law firm of Joseph Joy and Associates engaged an accident reconstruction expert to investigate the cause of a serious accident involving an 18-wheeler and a truck carrying highly flammable toluene.  Both vehicles were travelling on the interstate when they ran into a section of low visibility due a fire burning right off the interstate, creating a whiteout making it difficult to see.  Conditions were so poor that the truck driver, unable to see through the whiteout, attempted to move to the side of the road.  However, the truck failed to get out of the way safely and ended up illegally parked on the side of the interstate. An 18-wheeler was following behind and struck the rear of this illegally parked truck. A massive fire erupted enveloping the big rig, the truck and  several more vehicles in the vicinity.  Attorney Joseph Joy represented three plaintiffs who were badly burned.

The law firm of Joseph Joy and Associates hired an accident reconstruction expert to render an opinion as to the cause of the accident and conditions. The accident reconstruction expert took photographs and measurements at the scene to determine the exact point of impact and the speed of the vehicles in the accident. Additionally, the expert determined the rollover sequence that caused the explosion based on the speed of the tanker at the time.

Joseph Joy and Associates presented the accident reconstruction expert’s testimony and recovered $3 million dollars for his personal injury clients.

Loss of life and personal injury is the ultimate price to pay for vehicular accidents. At Joseph Joy and Associates, our personal injury attorneys have recovered millions for clients and their families who have suffered damages due to someone else’s negligence. If you have the unfortunate experience of being seriously injured in an accident involving a car, truck or big rig, give us a call: 337-232-8123 or visit us at 900 S. College Rd., Ste. 204, Lafayette, LA.

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